About us


Welcome to the world of Specialty Coffee..

Why atmans?
"atmans" comes from Sanskrit and means soul, the inner self, the essence. We believe that each coffee has its own atman and it is necessary for it to be made known.

When did it all start?
atmans was founded in Barcelona in 2016 as one of the first Multi-Roaster coffee shops in Spain, with the aim of promoting the diversity of existing coffees around the world.

The coffees we offer are the result of the extensive knowledge and experience of its founder – Miguel Lamora.

Miguel is one of the pioneers in the Spanish Specialty Coffee industry and already owns. 20 years of experience in the coffee and food service industry.

He won the Spanish Latte Art Championship in the years 2012-2013 and to date he has been the only Spaniard in history to get a podium in an SCA World Championship, 3rd in the world and best result in Europe in 2013. During 2016 -2019 he also served as National Coordinator of the Specialty Coffee Association of Spain (SCA).

Since its inception, it has inspired and trained many other professionals and influenced the current coffee scene in Spain and Barcelona.

He founded atmans after running one of London's best coffee shops for several years.

Today, atmans is a Barcelona-based coffee company that offers high quality roasted coffee, workshops and equipment for all coffee lovers.

What is our purpose?
Our mission is to bring the best coffee experience to your home and/or business through a careful and curated selection, we offer coffees that we believe are the best examples of each region, variety, and process. The three fundamental elements that represent our unique Point of View :
· Process
· Origin
· Variety
that we indicate on each atmans coffee bag.

How we work?
We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical practices.

We respect:
the Product,
the Producer and
the Professional.

Following our original 3xP's approach, we roast coffee according to our quality standards to highlight the uniqueness and excellence of its qualities from origin to cup.

All the coffees are roasted with careful attention and detail, choosing and replicating the best roast profile according to the origin and quality of the selected coffees.

Our technique of folding and packaging coffee bags, eliminating oxygen as much as possible, prevents the deterioration of coffee beans for a longer period of time.

At atmans we have the Aillio Bullet R1 toaster (of which we are also a distributor), a machine developed by Jonas and Jacob Lillie in Denmark and manufactured in small quantities in Taiwan.

If you already drink our coffee at home or at work, share your experience with the hashtag #atmanscoffee