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SAGE Oracle Espresso Machine

SAGE Oracle Espresso Machine

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The SAGE The Oracle Espresso Machine creates coffee of such quality that you will feel as if you were drinking it in your favorite coffee shop.

Its automatic functions for grinding, dosing, pressing and steaming the milk mechanize the two most difficult parts of manual espresso preparation.

You can extract the coffee and texturize milk at the same time, to go from coffee beans to a milk drink in less than a minute.

The integrated conical grinder automatically grinds, doses and presses 22 grams of coffee directly into the filter holder.

The two stainless steel heaters and the heated group with digital temperature control (PID) bring the water to the precise temperature to extract the maximum flavor.

The self-cleaning frother, powered by a unique heater, textures milk to your liking and creates a premium microbubble , which helps enhance the flavor of coffee, and is essential for "Free Pour" Latte Art.

Choose between a single or double espresso, or manually control the amount of coffee that ends up in your cup, to enjoy the perfect dose at the moment.

The LCD screen provides you with all the information you need to prepare the coffee exactly to your liking. The Americano function serves a double espresso and then fills the cup with hot water through a separate special spout.

**Automated operation in its version with touch screen simplifies the way to prepare your favorite coffee in three easy steps: grind, infuse and add milk .

You can easily adjust the strength of the coffee, the texture and the temperature of the milk to prepare it to your liking.
You can then save it with a unique name. You can create and save up to 8 custom recipes.

With automation at every step, just swipe and select Espresso, Long Black, Latte, Flat White or Cappuccino to enjoy professional-quality coffee at home.

Measurements & Weight

40x45x38cm, 16.6kg

Power & Voltage

2,400W, 220-240V

Hopper Capacity


Water Tank Capacity

2.5 liters

Triple heat system

1. Unique steam heater with integrated heat exchange for superior thermal stability.

2. Special espresso heater with digital PID control that offers precise water temperature.

3. Heated group: PID controlled built-in resistor maintains thermal stability.


The espresso dose clock shows the duration of the
extraction as a guide for its consistency.

Pre-infusion function

Gradually increase the water pressure to gently expand the coffee for an even extraction.

Accessories included

- Mini bucket for coffee remains.
- Stainless steel filter holder. 58mm and single and double filters.
- Stainless steel milk jug. of
- Spare parts for the vaporizer.
- Cleaning kit.
- Strip for water hardness test and water filter with support.

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