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SAGE Smart Grinder Pro Electric Coffee Grinder

SAGE Smart Grinder Pro Electric Coffee Grinder

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With 60 settings, this programmable conical mill brings out the full potential of any brew. You can prepare both filter coffee and espresso.

Grind smartly with iQ™ Dosing Technology directly into a portafilter or airtight container. The digital control allows you to set and program the grind time in 0.2 second increments, providing good precision and fit every time.

Measurements & Weight

20x47x27cm, 2.85kg

Power Voltage

165W, 220-240

Hopper Capacity


LCD screen

1.9 liters


60 settings to prepare espresso, moka and filter coffee.

Grind directly in the portafilter or in an airtight container, permanent filters or paper filters.

Preprogrammed functions

It is designed to minimize heat during grinding and protect the essential oils in the coffee bean.

Accessories included

- Small support for 50-54mm portafilters.
- Large support for 58mm filter holders.
- Hermetic container for ground coffee.
- Cleaning brush.

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Espresso Coffees

Specialty Coffees, suitable for consumption in Espresso and Moka preparation.

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