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Aillio Bullet R1 v2

Aillio Bullet R1 v2

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The Aillio Bullet Roaster R1 V2 is a unique and highly efficient coffee roaster, and its Danish design stands out from other products in its category. It is an excellent coffee roaster for personal use and/or for small coffee shops and/or roasters who want to sell samples to their customers.

The Bullet is a coffee roaster that automatically preheats the drum and has adjustable power, fan speed and drum revolutions.

Its infrared sensors constantly monitor the temperature in real time to provide a consistent and precise roast. This technology is capable of measuring grain temperature without contact.

The maximum temperature can go up to 240°C and can be adjusted if necessary.

The minimum capacity per batch is 100g, which is a good amount for a sampler, but if you are selling coffee in larger bags, you can change the setting and increase the weight up to 1kg. The drum capacity is 5.9l, which is suitable for most small cafeterias that want to have a mini-toaster.

The control panel is large enough to comfortably change settings, with buttons that are manual and respond immediately or through Aillio Roast World 's exclusive software.

Adjusting the temperature and airflow to achieve the best roast every time this coffee roaster is used is a nice feature, and also being able to save the details of each roast, since they are digitally recorded in your application.

You can play one of your saved profiles later or even share it with other roasters. The Aillio Bullet Roaster is fully compatible with the Artisan software, which is easy to use.

Although this coffee roaster hides many smart and advanced technologies, it looks minimalist and elegant. Users will no doubt have their eyes on the original design of this machine, which will roast excellent quality coffee.

If you need a small coffee roaster, this will meet your expectations.

Measurements & Weight

L: 59cm W: 31cm H: 42cm
(L: 75cm including cooling tray).

Weight: 18kg

Power & Voltage

200V-240V. 50Hz-60Hz
Power Consumption: 1500W

Lot Capacity


Temperature measurement

Infrared sensor (IBTS) or temperature probe (NTC).
Maximum temperature 240ºC.
External cooling tray.

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